Wire bonding

The versatility of thermosonic gold wire bonding makes it possible for NedCard to solve all interconnection challenges. It is our preferred process for any new product or special application. Silver alloy wire has a similar broad process window for standard applications and we are using it for very cost sensitive markets.

Gold wire bonding

Gold wire bonding offers the most flexibility to meet the needs of your product and our package. We are using wire thicknesses from 20 to 25um (0.8 – 1.0 mils). In case a second bond is needed on the die, we can bump the bondpad during the process or bond on an Au bump on the die.
We have small bondpad capabilities available (60x60um and smaller) for either high volume production, fine pitch or worked loop shapes.                                                                                                                                                

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Silver alloy wire bonding

Replacing gold wire by Silver Alloy wire is a way to reduce wire costs substantially while maintaining a large and robust process window. We use 20um (0.8mil) Ag Alloy wire for very cost sensitive products and can process the whole range of products with standard wire bonding requirements.

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