Electrical testing is performed on 100% of the outgoing products. Mechanical and functional testing is usually done on a statistical sample basis to guarantee the agreed outgoing quality levels.

Electrical testing

We have standardized on a small number of electrical test platforms to perform analog and digital testing on the outgoing products. Material handling at test is diverse and tailor made to the various families of products. Most commonly we transport the products in reel-to-reel through the tester, contacting them with pogo pins.
We can also test the contactless interfaces for many different RFID products. 
In case the product does not offer contact points we are using antennas to communicate.

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Mechanical testing

Mechanical testing typically focuses on the physical aspects of the products such as dimensions, quantities, packing and labeling. These parameters are mainly guaranteed by the in-process controls in our production lines and only statistically checked. 
Where critical for the application, special attention is given to the visual appearance of the products.

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Functional testing

Functional testing verifies the correct function of the finished product in a simulated real life situation. This may include the test of OS loading for a smart card controller, but also sensing applications for sensors. We support our customers by developing software, dedicated hardware and process control.

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