NedCard's various cost-efficient package solutions for SIM cards meet the requirements of the fast changing mobile and telecommunications landscape.

Packaging technology with cost efficient high volume manufacturing

The mobile and telecommunications landscape is changing faster than ever before. From infrastructure and components, to operator and subscriber coverage, to new technologies and players. Billions of chips, packaged in different form factors are required at the lowest possible costs while meeting high quality standards. Our advanced packaging technology in combination with cost efficient high volume manufacturing enables the mobile and telecommunication industry players to stay on top of their game.

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Packages for SIM card

We offer various high-quality, cost-efficient packages for SIM cards. These packages stand the industry standard reliability tests.
Read more about the contact card solutions we offer to the Telecom market.

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Embedded SIM (eSIM)

eSIM is used in industrial (M2M) and consumer applications. The eSIM chip needs to be assembled in different package form factors to meet the requirements of the application. In addition operating systems, profiles and keys needs to be loaded into the chip. We offer eSIM assembly and pre‐personalization services.


Market study report: optimizing the M2M supply chain

The urge of industry players moving into M2M created quick-fix supply chains, resulting in long lead times and time-to-market not being met. NedCard asked a dozen key players in the industry about their challenges and outlined a strategy that provides a sustainable solution in a market study report. In the report, you will learn how to: 

  • Achieve flexibility in order size to support your emerging M2M applications
  • Manage volatile demand to meet expected lead times
  • Reduce time to market and operational costs
  • Meet the requirement for smaller eSIM packages

Download the report - and discover how to achieve sustainable growth through collaboration with strategic supply chain partners. 

Download the market study report

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