Smart cards

Smart cards are pocket-sized cards with embedded integrated circuits. They can provide personal identification, authentication, data storage and application processing. NedCard plays a major role in the rollout of chip cards by manufacturing modules in Europe and Asia.

Contactless module

A contactless module contains a chip and is connected to an antenna to enable communication with a terminal using RFID technology. It can be added to cards, tags, wristbands, passports, or used for tagging live stock for identification, authentication or tracking & tracing purposes. We offer various contactless module solutions and have Open Tool specifications available for standard contactless module packages.

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Dual Interface module

A Dual Interface module contains a chip, which can operate in both contact and contactless mode, once embedded into a card and connected to an antenna. The module enables transactions either by making physical contact with a reader or from a distance using RFID technology through the connected antenna. Dual Interface cards are very popular as they simplify the way for consumers to make payments at POS terminals. We offer various Dual Interface module solutions and have Open Tool specifications available for standard Dual Interface module packages. 

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Contact module

Contact modules are used to embed the integrated circuit into the smart card and to enable a physical connection between the card and the mobile phone, ATM or POS terminal. Contact modules are typically used in Telecom and Banking applications. The contact modules have to meet the highest requirements in terms of reliability, functionality and visual appearance. We offer various contact module solutions and have Open Tool specifications available for standard contact module packages.

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