RFID transponder with chip and antenna

RFID transponders contain a chip and antenna. They come in different form factors used in for instance labels, wristbands or live stock tags. The solution is used for identification, authentication or tracking & tracing. The electromagnetic fields used in RFID technology are transmitted by a reader and received by the transponder that is carried by a person or attached to an object. NedCard has successfully developed RFID transponders for, amongst others, access control, electronic passports, various smart cards, wearables, laundry and garments.

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Key benefits

  • Reliable and functional identification
  • All in one solution: chip and antenna
  • Ready to use

Target applications

  • For identification and authentication
  • Asset management
  • Tracking & tracing

Key features

  • Various form factors
  • Diverse sizes and thicknesses
  • Customer specific design

Product features

   IMG_6674-964208-edited   LTO-900198-edited

RFID transponder with chip and antenna

Tape type Broad range of flexible substrates
Reel format        35 mm                                       
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For diverse applications and form factors

In the Leisure and Entertainment business an RFID transponder can be added to a wristband to provide visitors with a dedicated payment function and access to an event. In the Logistics market the transponder is often used for asset management; used to control the amount and types of company goods. For example to track & trace designers clothes, to keep overview of assets at all times. Laundry of hotels can be tagged with a transponder to be able to track & trace it. 

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