A broad range of tools allow NedCard to prepare your wafers or other components for the requirements of the products, packages or automatic handling on our production lines.

Wafer thinning and dicing

We are able to thin wafers from 4” to 12” in diameter down to 50um. We offer mechanical or chemical destress or dicing before grinding (DBG) which we typically apply for thinning below 100um. Sawing is mainly done mechanically. We also offer various modes of laser cutting.
When required we mount on die attach film (DAF). Standard base material is silicon, but we have also experience with a broad range of other materials such as Sapphire, GaAs and GaN.

Wafer dicing.jpg

Die sorting

Depending on your product or application it might be necessary to sort dies at die attach. When needed we develop software tools to modify wafer maps accordingly. Our ERP system supports the proper configuration control. We can also build artificial wafers e.g. from parts supplied in pocket tapes.

die sorting.jpg

Assembly methods

Several assembly methods are available to prepare your wafers or other components for the handling on our lines. We have capabilities for reel to reel, tape to reel and strip to strip assembly.

reel to reel.jpg

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