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February 2019 

Oasis Smart SIM selects NedCard to further optimize and secure its supply chain of embedded SIMs for the M2M market.


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eSIM M2M Smart city

February 2019 

NedCard brings long-awaited support for eSIM M2M market growth

NedCard introduces its eSIM M2M personalization offer that brings ultimate flexibility and security to answer eSIM personalization needs for M2M. Click here to read the press release


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Bits & Chips, November 2018 

Semiconductor packaging specialist expands its business 

Interview - in Dutch - with NedCard executive chairman Jack Gijrath and business developer Maarten Dolf Desertine. 'The gold-colored patch on the bank card, popularly called the 'chip' in the chip card: NedCard from Wijchen grew up with it. Today NedCard is actively expanding new markets and gaining recognition in wider circles'. Click here for the (Dutch) article

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September 2018

For industrial RFID applications: MicroSON®-3 now available with NXP’s UCODE® 8 and 8m

NedCard takes a next step into the field of industrial RFID applications and brings MicroSON®-3 UHF RFID SMD Package with NXP’s UCODE® 8/ 8m RAIN RFID ICs to the market. Click here to read the press release 

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September 2018

News from our partner Impinj:
smart manufacturing with embedded RAIN RFID

Tiny, tough RAIN RFID tag chips from NedCard and Impinj help track and monitor products and components throughout the manufacturing process, learn here how. Interested in the RAIN RFID packaged tag chip? Read the detailed Solution Brief 

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August 2018

NedCard is proud to also see distributor AdvanIDe offering our solution

Looking to expand market reach for our MicroSON®-3 SMD product family, NedCard is proud to also see distributor AdvanIDe offering MicroSON®-3 with NXP UCODE 8. Read more about MicroSON®-3


May 2018

NedCard launches MicroSON®-3 SMD package

NedCard officially launches its UHF (RAIN) RFID package MicroSON®-3. MicroSON®-3 is a Small Outline No-leads (SON) SMD package, designed for industrial applications. It contains the latest RAIN RFID chip solutions. Read the MicroSON®-3 press release.

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April 2018

NedCard obtains a Silver score in the CSR survey of EcoVadis!

NedCard has obtained a good result in the EcoVadis Corporate Social Responsibility survey. It places NedCard among the top 30% performers evaluated by EcoVadis. NedCard is very proud to be awarded a Silver recognition level.

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China Daily, January 2017

Dutch player sets standard in largest smart card industry

It has been almost 10 years since Netherlands-based NedCard, Europe's leading smart card manufacturer for more than two decades, opened its manufacturing plant in Shanghai.

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South China Morning Post - Benelux Report, November 2016

NedCard to boost smart card module production in China

Independent smart card assembly house NedCard will increase its module production in its Shanghai plant from 1.5 billion units to 2.6 billion in the coming years as it shores up its technology platform for more novel applications.

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NedCard Press release, May 2016

Rabo Participaties and Matcorp buy out the majority shareholder of NedCard

NedCard is able to continue its historic growth under new shareholders. 

NedCard, Dutch leading module assemble house for the smartcard and RFID industry has been acquired by Rabo Participaties together with Matcorp Participaties and the management. Matcorp Participaties, previous minority shareholder, continues as majority shareholder. Frans Geurts (CEO), Thomas Riesterer (CTO) and Eric de Bruijn (CCO) will form the new executive committee and focus on continuing the current growth and strategy of the company.

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Former news

March 14 2016; NedCard obtains highest security certification standard EAL6.

NedCard B.V, a world leading independent smart card module assembly and testing house, announced that both of its sites in Wijchen, The Netherlands and Shanghai, China recently received the ISO 15408-EAL6 site certification, being the first independent smart card semiconductor module assembly and test company to achieve this significant certification. 
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November 2015; NedCard dringt door tot top 100

(Dutch) interview with NedCard director Frans Geurts: NedCard (Bijsterhuizen) is doorgedrongen tot de top 100 van de maakindustrie. Iedereen heeft wel een product van NedCard - gevestigd op bedrijventerrein Bijsterhuizen tussen Wijchen en Nijmegen - bij zich.
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April 3 2015; NedCard expanding clean-room capacity

NedCard announced today that its Directors and Supervisory Board have approved the plan to further expand the cleanroom space of NedCard’s smart card Module Assembly and Test facility in China, enabling the company to further grow its globally installed production capacity to 1,5 billion this year up to an estimated 2,6 billion units per year by 2018. 
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