Market study report: optimizing the M2M supply chain

From a quick-fix supply chain to a reliable, flexible and secure supply chain

The urge of industry players moving into M2M created quick-fix supply chains, resulting in long lead times and time-to-market not being met. 

For this report, we asked a dozen key players in the industry about their challenges and outlined a strategy that provides a sustainable solution. 

In this report, you will learn how to: 

  • Achieve flexibility in order size to support your emerging M2M applications
  • Manage volatile demand to meet expected lead times
  • Reduce time to market and operational costs
  • Meet the requirement for smaller eSIM packages

Download the report — and discover how to achieve sustainable growth through collaboration with strategic supply chain partners. 

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Quickly overcome your challenges to upscale your M2M business

More flexibility in order size and lead times

This is a major factor to achieve growth, but in the current supply chain, you're confronted with high MOQ's and inflexible industry partners. Discover how the right strategic partners will help you achieve more flexibility.


Inefficiency due to a suboptimal supply chain

Your goal: to reduce time to market and lower operational cost. Also: to optimize the supply chain, get ahead of your competition and work with the right strategic partners.

Smaller devices require smaller eSIM packages

The footprint of devices becomes smaller and smaller. While eSIM IC’s are shrinking, the eSIM standardized package no longer meets the industry’s requirements. How to find partners that meet these requirements?

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What's inside?

  • The projected numbers of growth in the M2M industry
  • The top 5 challenges in the M2M supply chain
  • The selecting criteria for eSIM package Assembly Houses within your supply chain
  • The benefits of a trusted and independent eSIM package Assembly House and Personalization Center

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Download market study report: optimizing the M2M supply chain