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NedCard provides you with the best logistics solution for your business model.

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Advantage of global presence

We operate globally, our offices are situated in the Netherlands, China and Singapore. We have two production sites; one in the Netherlands and one in China. By producing modules on two continents we are able to meet customer expectations and requirements more easily. For instance, some products may only be assembled in Europe whereas in other situations the modules must be assembled in China.
Another advantage of our global presence is the possibility to contact us in different time zones and in various languages such as English, Chinese and Dutch. This results in quick and clear communication.

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Custom clearance support

Our plant in Shanghai, China is located in the Export Processing Zone. We are experienced with customs procedures and can receive and ship materials easily and quickly all over the world.


Customer specific packing 

Apart from our standard packing for finished products, we can also deliver customer specific packing. The requirements may include specific labeling, documentation and packing. 


Customer specific shipment

We make use of major carriers on a regular basis and usually contact the carrier concerned on customer's behalf. We only need a ship-to address anywhere in the world and we will take care of the rest. The shipment documents include a tracking number that will be send to you by email.

Products that are not immediately needed can be stored. Our storage area is secured and the products can be shipped on demand the same day.


Other services


Co-development, supporting the entire development cycle,  providing assistance in any project phase to make it a success.
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Customized services

Customer specific reporting and Electronic Data Interchange.
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Meeting your specific security requirements.
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