Encapsulation requirements can range from simple low cost protection of dies to an integrated part in the functional performance of the final product. NedCard offers various liquid resin encapsulation processes as well as transfer molding.

Liquid encapsulation

Encapsulation can be done by using dam and fill or single globtop technology. For both technolgies liquid resin encapsulation is the flexible low cost encapsulation process that meets a broad range of reliability requirements.
Most of the liquid resin encapsulation materials are UV curing, but thermally curing materials are also available for specific applications. Due to the programmable dispense process these materials allow a great flexibility in encapsulation size and shape without product specific tooling costs. Liquid encapsulation material is the standard for smart card modules assembled by use of reel-to-reel processes and flexible substrate. We apply it whenever the product specifications allow it.


Transfer molding

Mold allows a significantly lower mechanical tolerance of the package with the trade-off of mechanical tooling cost for each form factor. Due to the tooling used, transfer molding products are mechanically much more accurate and allow product specific features, i.e. open windows, when compared to liquid resin encapsulants. 
We use transfer molding for highly accurate thin or small products or for special features in reel-to-reel or strip based applications.


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