Die attach

NedCard offers epoxy or DAF based die attach, single and multi-chip for IC’s, capacitors and a broad range of other form factors. A broad range of qualified materials and processes combined with the creativity and workmanship of our engineers provide solutions for a diverse range of products.

Input handling

Our standard input format is sawn wafers on film frame. We can also handle waffle packs, JEDEC trays or artificially (re-)constructed wafers.


Epoxy die attach

We offer die attach with conductive and non-conductive epoxy, in-line snap curing as well as conventional batch curing. For the marking of rejected dies we can process wafer maps in various formats, inkdots or a mix of both. This allows us to process all the parts typically needed for low power applications.

epoxy die attach.jpg

Die Attach Film (DAF)

We can handle and process all types of conductive or non-conductive DAF. We can offer special requirements such as stacked dies, extremely tight bondline and positioning control.

stacked die.jpg

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