Data loading

NedCard offers capabilities to load or retrieve data from packaged chips; OS or pre-personalization data loading and UID white list generation.


OS or pre-personalization

By using tools for digital communication we are able to provide a wide range of data loading services. Reading and processing data from the controller allows verification. When we read the structure of a unique identifier (UID) we can verify authenticity. Normally we are loading static or dynamic data into the memory of modules at final electrical test.
Depending on the application we will apply loading data on Operating System (OS) or pre-personalization level. This can have commercial or security related advantages compared with loading data on card level. Depending on customer requirements we are also providing appropriate development services.

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UID white list generation

Another application is unique identifier (UID) white list generation which is mandatory for certain security schemes. In order to reduce risks with security materials product white lists are generated at module packaging. These white lists contain the UID for a specific user.
We have developed a flexible set-up which allows us to collect the required data at final electrical test, convert it into customer specific data and file formats and transfer the encrypted data files automatically to customer servers.


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