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NedCard offers customer specific reporting and Electronic Data Interchange.

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Customer specific reporting

We have a comprehensive customized ERP system giving us a full overview of the situation at any given time. Having all relevant data in our ERP system, we are not only able to maintain impeccable traceability, but also to provide information on the status of orders and shipments. Reports can be generated in default file formats that you can easily receive and read.
Additionally, we can include product descriptions in the reports and in the packaging documents and labels. We can handle any special request regarding a certain report in close cooperation with you. Our aim is not to provide large volumes of data, but to provide information about the status.


Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format. We are experienced in setting up EDI for our customers. EDI has proven its major business value. The benefits are lowering costs, improving speed, accuracy and business efficiency.

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Other services


Co-development, supporting the entire development cycle,  providing assistance in any project phase to make it a success.
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Logistics services

Global warehousing, drop-shipment and custom clearance support.
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Meeting your specific security requirements.
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