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NedCard is specialized in tailored package solutions. We have proven our competence in the smart card area and we are broadening our scope to provide the needs of the future.


NedCard is a specialized semiconductor assembly and testing company. Our package solutions are used in smart card, RFID, sensor, M2M and other enabling technologies. We are a global manufacturer with plants in Europe and Asia. We deliver new product market combinations via co-development programs with clients and suppliers. In our facility in The Netherlands we design new products according the needs of our clients. We are able to produce ‘zero’ series and make the product perfect. As soon as our clients are ready to scale up their volume our facility in China is available to them. The focus is on high volumes and cost efficiency.

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Mission statement

‘Making tailored package solutions to connect the world’
Frans Geurts, CEO

NedCard develops semiconductor package solutions and offers related assembly and test services for various devices. We have proven our competence in the smart card area and we are broadening our scope to provide the needs of the future. 
We want to expand our position in RFID, sensor and other enabling technologies by being the trusted, innovative and sustainable partner. We provide services in applications where our competences make a difference.

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Company structure

NedCard has its main office in Wijchen, the Netherlands. This location accommodates Management, Sales, Finance, R&D and small-scale manufacturing.
We have two production locations: NedCard B.V., Wijchen, the Netherlands and NedCard (Shanghai) Microelectronics Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China. Our three Sales offices are seated in Wijchen, Shanghai and Singapore:
- NedCard B.V., Wijchen, the Netherlands
- NedCard (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China
- NedCard Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore, Singapore


Production locations

NedCard B.V., Wijchen, the Netherlands
This plant has 12,000 sq ft of cleanroom area and is NedCard’s Technology Center with a focus on package design & engineering, prototyping, ramping up production and small production volumes.

NedCard (Shanghai) Microelectronics Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China
This plant has 50,000 sq ft of cleanroom area, focuses on cost‐efficient high‐volume manufacturing of semiconductor packages and is supported by a local R&D‐team.


Global capabilities

Our production sites are both fully equipped with state-of-the art production lines and cleanroom facilities. The two sites are used for optimization of production outputs, operational costs, technical capabilities. We aim to execute the following projects and products in the facility in Netherlands:

  • R&D projects and prototyping
  • technically demanding products and other special projects
  • small-volume products
  • high-security products
  • other products that must be made in Europe.

Our facility in Shanghai focuses on cost-efficient assembly of high-volume products. With the capabilities of local R&D team it is possible to support transfer of production from Netherlands to Shanghai, from ramp-up to mass production. Furthermore, the local R&D team focuses on development of new tools, processes and materials which are supporting the global cost down roadmap of NedCard.

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Over time we developed from a contract manufacturer (1995) into an advanced package solution provider, specialized in packages for semiconductor devices used in smart card, RFID, sensor, M2M and other enabling technologies. 

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