Banking & Payment

NedCard plays a major role in the rollout of secure chip cards for the banking and payment market by manufacturing modules in Europe and Asia.

Enhancing security and speed of  transactions

With more than 500 billion non-cash payment transactions every year, banking cards are increasingly important for the payment industry. Cards with integrated chip technology are being deployed around the world to enhance the security and speed of these transactions. Our advanced packaging technology enables a reliable contact between the chip and the reader at the Point Of Sale (POS).

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Packages for banking and payment cards

We offer various high-quality, cost-efficient packages for banking and payment cards. These packages withstand the industry standard reliability tests and are available with both gold and palladium surface finishing.
Read more about the Contact, Contactless and Dual Interface card solutions we offer to the Banking & Payment market.

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Fingerprint sensor for smart cards

A smart card with a fingerprint sensor is the next technological breakthrough for payment cards. For these new contactless biometric payment package solutions we are cooperating with partners and working on development, assembly and testing.

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