Tailored package solutions play a key role in a connected world

NedCard develops semiconductor package solutions and offers related assembly and test services for various devices used in smart card, RFID, IoT and other enabling technologies.


Our competence, your advantage

We build on broad experience and apply extensive technical capabilities to meet the industry’s highest requirements. Trustworthiness is what makes us unique; we provide maximum security and cost efficient manufacturing while meeting high quality standards. We have over 20 years of experience in offering package solutions for Banking & Payment, Telecom, eGovernment & Identification and Emerging markets. Our competence is your advantage.

Being the best in business

  • Production plants in Europe and Asia
  • Global presence, local contact window 
  • Highest security level
  • Operational excellence
  • Warehousing, drop-shipment and custom clearance support
  • Development needs translated into products and processes

Developing new products

  • Ideas and needs translated into products and processes
  • Supporting development projects at any stage
  • Co-development with customers and suppliers

Our security, your assurance

  • Quality and security certified
  • Common Criteria security framework
  • Highest security level

Operational excellence

  • Cost efficient high quality manufacturing
  • Global facilities and services
  • Short lead times

Logistics services

  • Global presence, local contact window
  • Warehousing, drop-shipment and custom clearance support
  • Clear reporting

Your partner in business

  • The only global assembly house that is independent of (chip) suppliers 
  • Long-lasting partnership
  • Over 20 years of experience


Smart cards

NedCard delivers solutions for smart cards used for identification, authentication, data storage and application processing.


NedCard's solutions can contain Radio-frequency identification (RFID) which uses electromagnetic fields. They are applied for identifying and tracking tags that are attached to various objects.


NedCard's biometric applications contain sensors that can communicate recorded data to application software. The sensor can verify an identity by analyzing an individual’s trait like a fingerprint.


NedCard offers products for machine to machine (M2M) applications. It makes direct communication between devices possible which facilitates Internet of Things.


Disco is NedCard's dicing and grinding sub-contractor.

Linxens is crafting the future of connections by delivering NedCard standard and tailor-made Smart Card Connectors.

Hitachi Chemical delivers NedCard molding compound from China and Germany. 

Delo delivers NedCard adhesive and encapsulation material.

Henkel operates worldwide with leading innovations, brands and technologies. Henkel delivers NedCard adhesive and encapsulation material.

Heraeus delivers Nedcard Smart Card Connectors from Germany and bonding wires from Germany and Singapore.

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